Welcome to the DEIRDRE MAHER STUDIO website.  For more information about my work please contact me.

To watch the  Saint Francis of Assisi  video click below …..

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  1. Jesus, joy of man’s desiring is most appropriate for this delicate piece that transcends the inconvenient love that all the worlds religions seek when they are at their best. Having the benefit of seeing even more in this lovely work. But as the quote states, what is essential is indeed invisible to the eye. Peace and blessings, Byron Williams

  2. March 31, 2015 at 9:51 am

    Name: Kimi Tomaszek
    Email: kimi@thefiveloaves.com
    Website: http://Www.thefiveloaves.com
    Comment: While teaching a certificate course at the University of Dallas, my husband Tom was drawn to the statue of St. Francis outside the room where his class was held. He took many photos to show me, and I agree. It is the warmest, humblest, gentlest face of St. Francis I’ve experienced. We yearly take a group of pilgrims to Assisi for retreat, and even there I’ve not seen an image so welcoming. And the paw prints! Was there only one made? Are there replicas, paintings? Thank you for this inspired work.

  3. Jackie Greenfield

    How happy I was to be reunited with artist and longtime friend Deirdre Maher at the University of Dallas Ministry Conference 2016. Seeing her work again filled me with a great deal of joy. Deirdre, your Francis is stunning and inspiring. It is as close to perfect as anything might be this side of heaven’s door.

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