I work with Santa Fe, NM artists to produce my cast bronze sculptures.  Most of these talented artists I met 25 years ago and still continue to seek them out because of their talent and commitment.  I do the final finishing work on the lost wax process before the foundry begins shell applications for the molten bronze casting pour.  Then I return to the NM studio, when each unique patina is ready to be applied, finished and waxed by us, with joy!  It’s one of my favorite parts of the casting process.

My love for Saint Francis of Assisi, and his powerful, beautiful example, is not unique.  When I began my reading and studying about Francis, I was not certain that I could create my experience of the saint.  The more I learned, the more difficult and uncertain I became about creating his true energy and image.  In fact at one point I just wanted to stop.  And that all seemed counter intuitive to me.  So I just kept going.  The story of why I kept going is my own received gift from this creative effort.  I will be adding a page to share that, soon.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss my work.   I would be truly honored to have you choose any one of the remaining 36″ bronze Saint Francis of Assisi  sculptures for placement into your chosen public or private prayer/meditation/world space.

Two of these bronze limited edition of 12 have been purchased and donated.  The remaining ten placements have yet to be determined.

In order to create another sculpture of Saint Francis of Assisi at a life size or larger scale, I have begun that process and am currently ready for any commissioned work call for that project, when the time is right.

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  1. Name: Kimi Tomaszek
    Email: kimi@thefiveloaves.com
    Website: http://Www.thefiveloaves.com
    Comment: While teaching a certificate course at the University of Dallas, my husband Tom was drawn to the statue of St. Francis outside the room where his class was held. He took many photos to show me, and I agree. It is the warmest, humblest, gentlest face of St. Francis I’ve experienced. We yearly take a group of pilgrims to Assisi for retreat, and even there I’ve not seen an image so welcoming. And the paw prints! Was there only one made? Are there replicas, paintings? Thank you for this inspired work.

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